How many YouTube Play buttons are there? | How to Get a YouTube Play Button for Your Channel in 2023

How many types of YouTube Play Buttons. YouTube Give You Reward when you have largest number of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

YouTube Play Buttons

How many YouTube Play buttons are there?

If YouTube believes, then YouTube has only three play buttons. Which are given to Youtubers only after completing certain subscriber milestones of YouTube. Which people are very keen to take and after acquiring it, they start saying that she is a Youtuber, but there are many YouTube play buttons that are going viral on social media, about which you will find information in this article in full detail. Has been given. So, read the entire article, if you want to know that if someone comes with a play button in YouTube Future, then what are the play buttons that will come, although this information has not been told according to the official update, this information is viral on social media It is being given through viral news happening.


How many YouTube Play buttons are there?

The first play button is the silver play button that YouTube gives to all those Youtubers who have 100,000 subscribers complete, that is, they have 100,000 subscribers. If you also want to create your own channel on YouTube, you can create your own channel with the help of the video below and earn millions of rupees a month sitting at home from YouTube. Winners also compile 100000 subscribers, all of them are known as YouTubers. Competition is increasing very much on YouTube, due to which it is not common to work on YouTube. If you work sincerely, then you will surely get access to YouTube and it is no big deal to be able to subscribe to 100000 subscribers, in today's day as soon as your 100000 subscribers become complete, the first thing you get is a ✔ on your channel. So that everyone can see you as a big Youtubers. YouTube gives you some more new features. With 100000 subscribers as soon as you complete, you also get a silver play button, which you have to apply. Only then do you get the silver play button delivered from America to your home.

How to Get a YouTube Play Button for Your Channel in 2023.

1. Silver play button.

You get to see the second play button when your 1 million ie 1000000 subscribers are completed. Like the silver play button, this play button is also seen, but it is seen in the recording size of the silver play button and also in the shape, this play button is named Golden Play Button, its color is also gold. But do not make the mistake of considering it original, it remains made of full fiber. To get this play button also you need 1000000 subscribers, after that a new option opens on your channel. You can ask for the Gold Play button at your home by going to the application.

2. Gold play button.

  The third play button is known as the diamond play button. And a special thing is that to get this play button you have to have 10 million subscribers. If 10 million subscribers on your channel means that 10 million subscribers become complete, then the first and second play buttons are the type you took. In the same way, you can order this play button at your home, it is a very big thing to take this play button, that is, you should have one crore family members, only then you get to see this play button in your hand. . There are also many YouTube working people in India who have got the Diamond Play button.

3.Dimond play button.

Fourth Play Button Custom Play Button, which is considered as the second name of Ruby Play Button on social media, then this play button can be available to only two people. The first t-series which is a very big music company in India and the second PewDiePie which has crossed the milestone of 50 million subscribers due to its talent. That is, now you must have known that the play button is received only after completing 50 million subscribers. PewDiePie has received this play button, which has been awarded for viral videos on YouTube, and has named the play button as Ruby Play Button, but YouTube does not have this play button available. It has been reported as per official update. YouTube only has three play buttons and YouTube does not have this play button, Then how PewDiePie can be found. Currently, T-Series, PewDiePie, Cocomelon, SET India, and MrBeast are the only five channels who have received this award. It will be a big thing to see 50 million subscribers complete.

4.Costom play button (Ruby play button).

 Fifth Play Button Fire Sapphire Play Button No one has achieved this play button yet. However, 2 channels have been compiled to such subscribers. One hundred million (100M) subscribers have to complete to achieve this play button. Gathering such a large family members is not the work of any children, nor of the elders, but the two YouTube channels that make this thing impossible can also be PewDiePie, t-series and 3 more YouTube channel, which has more than one hundred million plus subscribers. Exist, but despite having 100 million subscribers so far, YouTube has not given anything to both these channels.

5. Sapphire play button. 

Emerald Play Button when your 200 million subscribers complete! You can then see this play button on YouTube, although it is not the official play button of YouTube and no subscribers have completed it yet.

6. Emerald play button. 

With 400 million subscribers complete, you get to see the Wrecking ball Play Button. Which is visible in the Music System and circular.

7. Wrecking ball play button. 

Plasma Play Button can be seen when you complete 800 million subscribers on YouTube. There is no one to complete it yet. You get to see it as a CD. Which does not exist in YouTube.

8. Plasma play button.  

Universe Play Button This play button will be available after you have completed 1000 million subscribers. Which till date has not been given any status on YouTube. All the play buttons that are being shown to you after the play button are all imaginary. Do not forget to accept the truth.

9. Universe play button. 

After completing the Galaxy Play button 2000 million subscribers, you can see. Which will be a big thing to compile, if you want to complete such a subscriber, then you will have to make a video on all the topics that are in YouTube and on the language of all the states of all the countries, which is very difficult but not possible .

10. Galaxy play button. 

11. Solar System play button. 

12. Void play button. 

13. Omega play button. (~).

All the play buttons you have seen in this article, all the play buttons except the silver play button gold play button and diamond play button are imaginary and maybe in future youtube can give all these play button scores to your users, then you You can know so much that this play button can be seen in all the future, but there is no official update from YouTube, in which any of the fourth play button is shown after three play buttons, then you can You can use this article just for fun. By understanding this article correctly, how many subscribers mean to complete the completions. If you really want to have access to YouTube, you can also grow your YouTube channel with the help of our YouTube channel. If you have liked this article, then do share it with your friends, what do you think this play button will come in the future or will not come, you can also tell us your opinion by comment Please provide a comment.

All Youtube play buttons are given here👆👆☝️


Q) Is there a 1k play button?

Ans: No

Q) Is there a 200 million play button?

Ans: In 2022, Not available any 200 Million Play Button.

Q) Is gold play button real gold?

Ans: No

Q) Is Diamond play button real diamond?

Ans: No

Q) What is the 100 million play button made of?

Ans: The Red Diamond Play Button earned at 100 million subscribers, made out of silver-plated metal inset with a large piece of dark red crystal.

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