Dailymotion Big Update | How to Monetize Dailymotion channel | Ad Not Showing Problem Solved!

Dailymotion continues to fall very fast. You must watch this video otherwise it will not show Ad on your channel.

If you want to earn money by creating your channel on DailyMotion, then you are going to know about a very big update in this article. That is, Dailymotion has recently given a new update. For your monetization system you need to know very much. If you do not understand anything more with the help of this article. So you can understand with the help of the video given below.

Dailymotion continues to fall very fast. You must watch this video otherwise it will not show Ad on your channel.

What is Dailymotion?

Don't you know much about Dailymotion. So let me tell you that Dailymotion is a platform of video downloading, uploading and watching similar to YouTube. Where you can sleep through your talent video. You can show your talent to others. The same thing comes if you give money too? So yes, it also gives you money. As soon as you compile 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in YouTube, you start getting money. Here, an ad runs on videos on your channel. Because of which in the same way some new updates have been brought here.

What Is The Biggest Update On Dailymotion?

As you would know that when you upload videos on YouTube, you are paid. In the same way, money is also given to you in DailyMotion. But till now Dailymotion had no such rules. Video Upload was done and only then did you start giving money. But after the new update, if you want to add an ad to your video in DailyMotion. So all your videos are going to require 10000 Views. If you are unable to complete 10000 views. Ad will not come on any video on your channel if you complete this task. Automatic Dailymotion starts placing ads on your video. This was the first update of Dailymotion. Above Monetizetion used to be the same on YouTube. When YouTube initially came. Monetization was then given to you without video there. But after that when the update was brought to YouTube, you need 10000 views
Recently updated after that. Which required 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours. But you don't have to do anything like this in Dailymotion. Dailymotion If you use uploading videos, then you have to compile and compile all your videos as soon as 10000 views. You can account for any number of day fuses in it.

Rules have not yet been kept. But soon this roll will be implemented. If you complete this then automatic ad shows will start on your channel. 

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